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The Bottle Mi Collection.

The bottle mi collection is an exstensive line of breast feeding pillows, and the exclusive nursing cover called chubby cuvees.  Our breast feeding pillow is made to aid and support positioning while breast feeding your baby laying down. This pillow was tested by a consumer who breast fed for six years straight. our pillow is designed for comfort, bonding, and it is made for nursing your baby, from infancy to the toddler years. Cuddle and feed your baby with our side by side innovative design.

This unique pattern was created for bonding, feeding, and relaxation for mother and baby. The bottle mi breast  feeding pillow is so comfortable that you will think its a therapeutic pillow. Offering that comfort and closeness to mom and baby. We realize that moms are not always sitting up when they feed their babies. Many times they are resting as well, especially new moms who are recovering from giving birth. Our pillow allows moms to feed baby, comfortably.

The side by side patern is the secret.

We know that from the time our new baby arrives we want to be by their side. Its only natural.

The higher elevation to flat cushioned lower surface is what makes our design so unique! This pillow was invented for the sole purpose of breast feeding, and the other uses are great additions. Our pillow comes in 6 beautiful stylish, colors. So whether you like elegant, soft pastels or kid friendly fun – we have got the pillow to suit your needs. The bottle mi breast feeding pillow will meet your everyday needs.

The bottle mi collection also offers nursing covers. Our exclusive nursing covers called chubby covees, are the talk of the cafe! The chubby covee is king of nursing covers. Our covers provide full coverage, so you can feed your baby anywhere. The shirt like , light weight, stylish cover will cover the entire upper body. We know that babies need to eat, and moms need to be able to feel they can feed discreetly, and with dignity. Our covers offer stylish, kid friendly, adorable full coverage.

Cover yourself with a chubby covee today!

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